The Performance Diagnostic Dashboard

Revealing an organization’s environment through data

UX / UI / Branding

The Performance Diagnostic is a survey-like tool administered to teams to measure and address the hidden team dynamics that directly impact execution and results within an organization. 5 factors are used to analyze the team’s relationship in 3 domains: the relationship with their leaders, the relationships within the team itself, and the relationship with the organization itself.

It was our task to take the the raw data of the diagnostic and create a comprehensive dashboard for leaders to review the results of multiple teams across the organization.

Full View Approach

Reviewing the Data

Partnering with consultants, we found it was necessary to make sure each “data module” was visible at one time (aka minimal scrolling), so that team leaders and consultants can see and compare metrics across the domains. To achieve this, we decided to keep scrolling to a minimum, in order to maintain maximum efficiency

Color Me Informed

Using Color to Compare Results

Between 1. overall scores, 2. the 3 overall domain scores, and 3. the factors scores of each domain, it was imperative that between the different views the team leaders could easily compare the results between the data modules and from screen to screen.

Using color identifiers and simple labeling structures further increased the ease of use.


Getting Sorted

Team Distribution

Within the expanded view of the Team Distribution, leaders needed to be able to filter teams by their scores. For larger organizations, some leaders might be the direct or indirect leader of many teams. To narrow down their direct teams, we identified them with a location icon.

Additionally, by selecting the data charts, the team leader could also isolate teams by score


Insider’s View

Consultant Access

Another need was for consultants to have the ability to login and view a client’s results to help them prepare for consultant debriefs.


The Result

The new dashboard design relived the consultants of digging and analyzing through rows and rows of client data; and it gave our clients more insight and understanding into how their teams are performing without having to rely heavily on one-on-one consultant time.