Genius Every Day Bundle

Animation / Web Design / Email Design + Development

For the launch of Gap International’s newest program, Genius Every Day Bundle, we wanted to create excitement around the product during the week of the Leveraging Genius Conference.

The bundle is a combination of two products: Leveraging Genius Online (desktop application) and Genius Every Day (app program). The goal was for the executives at the conference to purchase the more-affordable bundle program  for their team members who couldn’t make it to the conference.

Hype Man

On-screen promotions

The lobby of the conference area, which had a high level of foot traffic and client-facing promotional materials, also had multiple screens for video content. To provoke conversation with consultants in this area, I created animated screen displays of different features and benefits of the new program.

Creating a Story

Landing Page and Shopping Cart

Once we officially announced the new package at the conference, we wanted a place for our clients to access more information, experience the product, and give them the ability to purchase through the site.

I worked closely with the business leaders to construct a marketing site that was able to explain how the two products worked together while also highlighting their specific features and benefits.

Straight to their inbox

Announcement Emails

Right after the announcement was made at the conference, we wanted to send a follow-up email pushing them to the landing page. We created messaging for three groups: Current and past conference participants, and then after the conference, a mass email to all Gap International clients.

Email To Past Conference Participants


Email to All Conference Participants


Email to All Clients