Red Bull Game

UI / UX / Graphics

Red Bull is constantly hosting promotional events at bars and needed a way to reach consumers without necessarly needing a representative to approach them. At Proscape, we created a tablet-based game that could easily be placed on the bar. The goal of the game was to promote Red Bull athletes while also offering a Red Bull prize at the end while patrons wait or sit at the bar.

Going Extreme

Playing the Game

The purpose of the game was to have the bar patron answer multiple choice questions regarding each extreme athlete.

For each athlete, they would see a teaser video of the stunt, followed by a question. They needed to provide an answer before the timer at the top ran out. After they answered they would see the correct answer followed by the full video of the stunt.

The End Game

The app was light and fun and added a lot of value to the Red Bull hosted events. Red Bull was able to promote their sponsorships while also directing patrons to the bar for a mixed drink featuring Red Bull