Like most companies, Gap International has a set of company values that they pride themselves on. Also like most companies, we asked ourselves, “how do we keep these values front of mind for our employees?”

We needed to solve for the fact that the values really only appeared on the dashboard, as well as a bulleted list on the company’s masthead.

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I decided to create an internal email campaign that would help breathe them new life and result in a lifted company spirit.


I created a series of abstract expressions featuring each value, using circles for each one to represent how our consulting work is an “ongoing breakthrough”.

Setting the Stage

Internal Email Templates

Creating Engagement

Internal Company Communications

We nixed the idea of templates in order to make the whole company to feel engaged and connected. By leveraging bi-weekly team meetings, leaders began to select stories shared from team members based on which value they were working on or felt confident in.

We realized not everyone felt comfortable sharing with the entire company, so we created a communication flow where people could recognize other co-workers for exemplifying a certain value as well.